Calendar of Events

Trail Action Group is working with MoD and the interested environmental groups to help make mountain biking sustainable on MoD land. If you’d like to get involved we’ve a number of trail conservation days planned – these will normally be held on the 2nd Saturday of every month. See below for the current 2012 schedule:

Jan 28th 2012 – Trail conservation day; Caesars Camp

Feb 25th 2012 – TBA

March 24th 2012 – TBA

May 26th 2012 – TBA

June 30th 2012 – TBA

Keep an eye on the site front page for details of meet points and detailed instructions alternatively join the mailing list and we’ll send you the full details.

Other dates for the diary

The below dates aren’t TAG days but we thought they’d be of interest and could do with your support.