Sponge Bob (Minley) closed for maintenance

For those who ride the Minley trails, we have been busy with some improvements up there. The work done on “Sponge Bob” now needs to settle for a couple of weeks before it gets ridden so you will find this trail has been closed.

Please avoid this section until re-opened as the trail quality will be so much better if the work is allowed time to bed in. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Sponge Bob (Minley) closed for maintenance

  1. Hi Greig
    Sorry for the delay in getting a reply back to you.
    The work to complete SpongeBob requires additional hardcore and a “wacker” plate to bed it in properly. The repairs made on the TAG day alleviated the problem but some of the steeper sections will wear very quickly.
    The intention is to also build up some of the earlier berms to make it flow better and so the decision was made that it would be better to close the trail.
    We are still trying to source hardcore (we currently have limited funds) and hope to plan it in before the March TAG day (fingers crossed).

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