Trail Maintenance Day Saturday 28th January

On Saturday 28th January we’ll be at Caesar’s Camp doing a variety of tasks including general trail maintenance and fitting a couple of bridges. Please come and get involved – you’ll need clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in and garden tools (including bow saws if you have one). Special request for long nails / screws if you have any!

Meeting point: The fire road gate near to the junction of the B3013 and the A287 – you’ll be able to park on the fire road (

Time: 10am

One thought on “Trail Maintenance Day Saturday 28th January

  1. Hi folks, I get the TAG emails and hope to join you on site sometime but families, commitments etc etc all get in the way. Anyway excuses over I had a ride down 3 bridges yesterday for the first time in 18 months or so, great work really pleased its open again, was always one of my favourites on Caesars 🙂

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