Cycling ban on Hankley Common

TAG is disappointed to hear that the MoD has decided to issue a ban on cycling on Hankley Common. Full details can be found at the link below and we urge mountain bikers to follow the following advice if you meet a patrol or LandMarc agent:

  • They have the right to stop you
  • Be polite regardless of provocation
  • If asked to leave the area, then do so (don’t just go round the corner as this is likely to provoke them)
  • If you have an incident at a specific location then don’t return to that location as repeat offending is most likely to result in confiscation
  • If property confiscation occurs then ensure you see their accreditation (military ID or LandMarc ID)
  • Notify TAG and your local councillor of any incident as soon as possible
  • Remember that everyone including the military read the websites, so think about what you post

We will continue to press for the MoD to recognise mountain biking use of the Aldershot Military Lands – please note that the situation is slightly different on Hankley Common in that the byelaws only allow cycling on bridleways rather than bridleways and fireroads as on the Aldershot Military Lands.

EDIT: Please note, that riding on the bridleways is still permitted.

2 thoughts on “Cycling ban on Hankley Common

  1. Doesn’t the article say that the use of bridle ways is still permitted? This doesn’t read as a blanket ban but the withdrawal of the use of permissive paths only?

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