Public Meeting 8pm Wed 17th September St. John’s Hall, Cove

PUBLIC MEETING: As you may be aware it’s recently become apparent that recreational cycling access to the local MoD lands is under threat. The Trail Action Group (TAG) are holding a public meeting on the 17th September to discuss responsible use of this land and what local cyclists’ next steps should be. Please attend and let your voice be heard!

Where: St John’s Hall, 14 St John’s Road, Cove, Farnborough, GU14 9RQ
When: Wed 17th September 8pm for prompt 8:15pm start

5 thoughts on “Public Meeting 8pm Wed 17th September St. John’s Hall, Cove

  1. Can’t make it but have spread the word to two groups I know of. Have they thought about permit riding? Pay for annual permit ride sensibly and keep your permit; ride badly permit revoked. Obtaining permit means you sign away rights re: accidents etc and accept liability yourself and also sign up to TAG Code of Practice. Get stopped without your permit / no-permit and have bike confiscated.

    That way the MOD can stop getting worried re: liabilities.

    Or do what Swinley did; have proper routes marked out for bikers, graded etc, away from where MOD want to train – its a big enough area for everyone surely? “Use of routes at own risk” signs blah blah blah; no straying from the path. Even couple it with permits as well?

    Obviously MOD wouldn’t want to administer the permits option but could TAG do it? Maybe even make a little bit of cash to go towards up keep of routes?

    Or even potential money making option for MOD to pay for new tanks…. ??

    The ground’s too good to let it slip away.

  2. I would agree to this no problem….I’ve riden the trails for. 18 years in the area I tidy up rubbish avoid training and be responsible. I hope the mod understand there are responsible riders in the area.

  3. In my opinion, one disadvantage with permits is that there are a lot of cyclists who use the MOD lands who aren’t mountain bikers (commuters, families etc) and who would be less likely to agree to a permit scheme. They could argue that permits should then apply to dog walkers, runners and all other users, so personally I don’t think that this is the way forward.

    Incidentally, I have always thought that civilians added a degree of realism to the military exercises, most modern conflicts (Iraq, Afghanistan) take place in populated areas where the army will have to interact with the civilian population.

  4. Better some riders with permits (ie us lot) being allowed on and riding, ahem, responsibly than a blanket ban.

    With a blanket ban then casual riders and families wouldn’t be allowed anyway so we’re talking about getting at least something positive out of a potential complete ban.

  5. I would prefer a more inclusive solution than just ‘us lot’ being allowed access.

    Anyway the MOD are currently considering ending the horse riding permit scheme so I can’t see them being keen on starting a new permit scheme.

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