TAG Election Survey Results

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, TAG sent 133 letters to the candidates standing in tomorrow’s local elections asking them where they stand on recreational access to MoD land. The people elected tomorrow will have a significant voice in the forthcoming byelaw review that will determine how, when, and if, the public will be able to use the MoD lands. If you’ve not checked out the results of the TAG election survey – please have a look at our infographic and the individual results to see if your local candidates decided to reply, and what they said if they did.

election infographic_final.pngTAGAccessReportFinal20170901

Full candidate by candidate results can be found here https://tinyurl.com/tagsurveyresults

One thought on “TAG Election Survey Results

  1. Interesting lack of responses there. Incidentally, the MOD have been getting fed up with people parking in passing places, blocking access gates etc and have now installed gates across the roads to Minley Manor and Hawley Woods. You can still squeeze past on a bike, but vehicle access for local parking is now restricted. Probably will affect dog walkers more than cyclists but it appears to be yet another erosion of public access to the military training land………………

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