Fences, fires, and a thank you

Firstly a thanks – TAG are pleased to see that a section of singletrack that was closed off over 2 weeks ago has remained closed with signs and fencing intact, great to see that Mountain Bikers are respecting the wishes of TAG and the land owners. Thanks! It will be open again soon.

On a more serious note; just a reminder that if you see a fire on the MoD land then please phone the fire brigade on 999. Despite the recent rain, fire is a serious risk at this time of year.

Code of conduct updated with contact numbers

We’ve just updated the code of contact page with what to do if you spot illegal motorcycling or fly tipping on MoD land – phone the Training Area Marshal or the Royal Military Police.

You may come across the notices from TAG whilst enjoying the MoD land – please have a read and point them out to your friends.

Polite Notice Flyer